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Since the concept started over a decade ago, Social Listening and other Social Media Research technologies have leveraged natural language processing and other innovative methods to classify social conversation themes by sentiment, emotion, and other custom segmentations. Innovations were slow to progress until a year ago, as social media is an unpredictable beast to try and tackle. With the explosion of AI and ChatGPT over the past 12 months, the speed of innovation within these tools & technologies has increased quickly, with use cases once thought impossible becoming an everyday reality for social researchers. From faster setup to assistance with summarizing key themes, new AI innovations have allowed social listening practitioners to save time and scale solutions in ways that will only become more efficient and democratized over the next few years.

Frank Gregory has built social listening & social research capabilities for global brands, small businesses, agencies, and consultancies. He has seen each technology provider in the space innovate over the years. Now, as Nestle USA’s new Social Intelligence Lead, Frank is applying the latest and greatest in AI innovation, building out his technology stack to service cross-functional stakeholders at one of the largest food & beverage companies in the world. Frank will walk through some of the latest innovations he has seen in the space and how he uses each technology daily to generate and democratize insights-gathering across his organization efficiently.

You will learn:

  • The latest AI innovations in the social listening space
  • Practical applications as a social media researcher wanting to use AI in your role
  • What to look for when evaluating social research tools for your organization

Frank Gregory
Social Intelligence Lead
Nestlé USA