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In this can't-miss session, you'll get a Generative-AI blueprint to mobilize your marketing with AI and gain an unignorable competitive edge. I'll provide a concrete plan of attack to identify Quick AI Wins, rapidly secure buy-in from key players (your founders or executive leaders), and strategically scale AI Initiatives across your company. You'll leave armed with the know-how and steps to transform your marketing stack into a well-oiled, AI-augmented machine.


  • The GEN-AI Audit - Your framework for uncovering AI opportunities to exploit now.
  • The AI Influence Hot sheet - Proven narratives and data to win over decision-makers.
  • The 90-Day AI Pilot - A lightweight pilot plan to validate value and minimize risk
  • The 10x AI Multiplier - My exponential map to scale AI across your marketing efforts.

John Duffield
Speaker, Technology Evangelist
Signal Two